Science is either taught by memorization of notes dictated by the teachers. Very few teachers are prepared to instill in their students the importance and wonders of science, or the nature of science as a “correct way of thinking” that is required to succeed in our increasingly scientific and technological world.

M S L focuses on science content and effective instructional strategies, infused with the concept of inquiry learning.

M S L focuses on gaining knowledge through research. Scientific learning is tied directly to state learning standards (Essential Knowledge and Skills) and is scheduled so that teachers have time to take up new concepts and design ways to transfer the essential concepts to their students on a regular basis.


The workshop is designed to meet the practical needs of busy school teachers who want to make science more exciting, stimulating and meaningful. The curriculum covers themes such as air, color, light, magnets, weather, states of matter, chemistry, force and motion

In workshop we will be demonstrating hands-on activities that help children pursue the why-factor of wonder, discovery, and exploration. Explore a number of great science ideas that encourage children to “play with a purpose.”