By creating a platform for budding Scientists

We will be setting up a Science Academy with highly sophisticated facilities which will be accessible to every school, college, university and institution throughout the city and then country.

Providing the platform to budding scientist can come up and make use of these advance facilities, identifying their creative ideas, making them to do basic research on their ideas and presenting their ideas in front of experts.


To help young science learners in understanding concepts of science by play way method.
To spark curiosity and imbibe scientific way of thinking
Promote science education as culture of science in the population at large
To spread awareness about latest discoveries and their impact on society
To identify issues related to adverse effects of scientific developments
To promote science as a medium of socio-economic development
To explore careers in science
To create awareness among parents, students & academics about the career opportunities in the fields of science & Technology
To motivate the students to opt for / pursue science streams as their careers