We belief that education is not limited to training the mind and filling it with information, but involves all aspects—intellectual, moral and physical—of the personality of the learner. It is not enough to impart theoretical learning; that learning must be put into practice. True learning is that which affects behavior and whereby the learner makes practical use of his knowledge.

To improve the quality of science education at various educational institutions we work closely with schools, colleges, undergraduate colleges, educationist, teachers & students.

We committed to our goal of “Developing Thinking Minds”

  • To help young science learners in understanding concepts of science by play way method.
  • To spark curiosity and imbibe scientific way of thinking
  • Promote science education a culture of science in the population at large
  • To spread awareness about latest discoveries and their impact on society
  • To discuss issues related to adverse effects of scientific developments
  • To promote science as a medium of socio-economic development
  • To glorify careers in science – The media, parents and students should be sensitized to the various career options and job situations available to students coming out of science streams.
  • This would encourage more students to science and reverse the alarming trend of lack of interest in basic sciences.