Welcome To Mobile Science Lab

Mobile Science Lab is the first of its kind mobile/portable laboratory set up for schools in India that brings a Science Lab directly to students. It offers a wide coverage of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Astronomy. It caters to the students of standard VIII-X.

More than 350 experiments based on the CBSE/ State Boards Curriculum can be carried out by the students. The solution helps foster higher order thinking skills in children and inculcating in them habits of curiosity to pose questions, seek answers and think scientifically.

MSL is being set up with the following objectives:

  • To develop & deepen understanding of scientific concepts
  • To help develop application of scientific concepts in the real life situations
  • To inculcate habit of learning from experience & observation
  • To develop critical and qualitative thinking
  • To develop experimental and data analysis skills
  • To learn use of scientific apparatus and equipment’s
  • To develop oral & written reporting skills

A famous proverb states that a picture is worth a thousand words and an experiment is worth a thousand pages – yes, exactly! There is no substitute for an experiment when it comes to learning of anything, especially so, for science. MSL believes in

  • Do it to understand it
  • Seeing a believing
  • Learning while experimenting

Meet Our Team

Dr Ratan Toorkey
Dr Ratan ToorkeyChief Coordinator
Ph.D in Chemistry
B. Satyanand
B. SatyanandPhysics Chief Coordinator
Retd. Scientific Officer (HCU)
TeamMSL Team